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Bicycles are included in the fee and are provided by TWB that will take care of their transportation and their maintenance. The bicycles are provided by TWB front of steel or aluminum. Along with the bike TWB will provide helmet and puncture repair kit. Upon confirmation you must provide email height, weight and size of the helmet (fill out the form). The Mountain Biking provides TWB are equipped with pedals normal (without attachments). Upon request you can participate with their own means must still be a mountain bike with helmet with the kit for punctures and light devices for the night hike. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. 


Check Mountain Bike details



During the tour staff TWB deals with small repairs, if necessary. 



The offer price includes the cost of the stay, subject to availability of accommodation facilities with Tuscany Wine and Bike, for one Saturday night with breakfast included. The offer is extended to two nights a surcharge of 40 € per person for the night of Friday, always depending on the availability of contracted facilities with Tuscany Wine and Bike. Participants can also arrange their own living independently, paying only the portion of the tour € 250. 



Participants can use, including the participation fee:


Breakfast: is consumed in the morning at the accommodation facility.

1 lunch or light lunch: is consumed during the journey with TWB


They are excluding wine and drinks are extra.

For those with special dietary needs (allergies, intolerance, etc.) the organization will prepare a menu specifically agreed with the person concerned. You have to communicate these requirements at the time of booking confirmation. 



Before departure 



Available in case of need, the service offered by TWB. In case of any difficulty in continuing cycling a special vehicle will take the participant and to accompany him to the point of arrival. 



Included for participants staying within 15 km from the point of departure or within 20 minutes by road. For those more distant possible service with an extra price. 



They are conceived and designed to be carried in MTB and grow mainly on dirt roads, mule trails, local roads and single zip-trail. They are therefore characterized by the alternation of stretches of easier practicability with the most challenging stretches.

The pace of travel is quite slow, about 8km average hourly, to allow everyone to make the journey.

The whole group will proceed compact accompanied by the Guide and his staff. 



Road surface is made up of: roads and vicinal jokes, single Trai dug channels in the tufa, very few paved stretches; driving on roads even forget man immersed in the millennial age. There are demanding stretches both to the road surface that the gradients. Generally the streets to do uphill are enough funds to facilitate the sliding distance. Fund is feasible in all seasons and weather conditions (80% of the way off road), except for a very short points. 



The paths TWB have turned to a maximum of fifteen people to provide a high level of service to the whole group. The group travels Compact assisted by the Guide. 


You can’t observe the stars in case of bad weather or overcast sky it . In case of rain it will not be made the route. TWB offers the opportunity to postpone to another date the hike otherwise the deposit will be give back to you. 

The guide reserves every right not to involve those who do not have suitable equipments or make in danger themselves and the other people.





By Dinamo Cms