Pairing Wine, Land & History

Pairing Wine, Land & History

Fonte: Miz En Place

Pairing Wine, Land & History

Pairing Wine, Land & History
Fonte: Miz En Place

TUSCANY WINE and BIKE: Pairing Wine, Land & History With the Unparalleled Beauty & Adventure of an Outdoor Excursion in Tuscany


From April 26, 2014 through September 27, 2014, you can book a TUSCANY WINE and BIKE (TWB) tour and experience the unparalleled, natural beauty of an outdoor excursion paired with an exceptional Wine & Culinary tour.



TWB is a complete wine tasting and culinary biking tour created by local freelance oenologist and award-winning Winemaker Carlo Travagli.  Led by Travagli and cycling enthusiast Luca Casini, the tour treks on

Carlo Travagli (left) and Luca Casini (right) of TWB mountain bikes across the provinces of SienaFirenzePisa and Pistoia through the historic and scenic Chianti Wine Region of Tuscany, located on the Central West Coast of Italy. TWB has developed a biking tour designed to capture and uncover the most authentic aspects of Tuscany, often missed and overlooked by visitors using conventional means of transportation.


“Each itinerary is actually a ‘triple itinerary’ that provides our guests with an understanding of the wine & cuisine, area & geography, and the culture & history of the places we will explore,” says Travagli. “I created these tours to give people an intimate look at my home — this extraordinarily beautiful, dynamic agricultural and world renown wine growing region.”


This year, TWB has designed ten Wine Tasting & Culinary Biking Tour Itineraries ranging from culinary-wine-country leisurely biking cruises, to week-long stewardship-type intermediate cycling BioWeek Tours, to “hard-going” challenging courses for conditioned cyclists. Many tours haveadditional activities such as cooking lessons, donkey treks, and urban bike tours.Customized Tours are also available. TWB has something to offer every traveler that wants to experience Tuscany on an intimate, natural level and no rigorous physical conditioning is required for the majority of the TWB itineraries.


“Most of our itineraries are designed for tourists without extensive athletic training.” Travagli stresses. “It’s for pure enjoyment and we try very hard to match each itinerary with the interests, comfort level, and ability of our guests.”



On the TWB tours, participants awaken their senses through the vibrant colors, intoxicating scents, and breathtaking sights as Tuscany’s most robust seasons dramatically unfold before them. Cycling through fragrant olive groves, rolling vineyards, vibrant sunflowers fields, majestic woods, and other fascinating scenic spots, participants encounter the most enchanting nuances of Tuscany.  Tour participants discoverthe historical points of interests, churches and buildings rich with art, centuries-old villages and towns as they follow paths and ancient roads like the “via Francigena” on the TWB Pearls of Tuscany itinerary.  On every tour, they experience Tuscan life, people, culture and places as they travel through the towns and farmlands, and even more so, if they stay overnight.  They learn about one of the world’s most famous winemaking regions, the microclimates, viticultural areas and revered varietals, and the role of its landscape and history. Tour participants savor the distinct flavors of the countryside including the local harvests, cherished honey, succulent olives & oils, sumptuous salumi, handcrafted cheeses, and enjoy the regional artisan products and cuisine of TWB select regional partners.  Probably the most anticipated part of all of the itineraries, is when the tour stops to tasteregional wines among the vineyards and cellars while visiting local estates, receiving both lessons and guided tastings by Travagli, an award-winning winemaker of Chianti, Rosso, Sangiovese, and Brunello wines.


The ten choices of TWB itineraries include single and multiple day tours:


Day ToursIl Chianti* – Il Chianti Under the Stars*  – Forts & Castles*

Weekend Tours: Il Chianti Classico* – Il Chianti Classico Under the Stars* – Wild Chianti***

Multi-Day ToursHidden Chianti* – Pearls of Tuscany** –  Heart of Chianti*** –  Bio Week Tour**



The difficulty level guidelines are listed by TWB as follows:

*Easy Going is a tour where no athletic training is necessary. Suitable for tourists of all levels and children (10yrs+). No dangerous downhill or steep slopes. **Intermediate/Medium is for the weekly rider who cycles 2-3 times a month covering distances of 20-25km with a slope not higher than 500 meters. A minimum of training is necessary. This tour has been created for Mountain Bike enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor excursions. ***Hard Going is a tour where some light training is necessary.  It is for the active rider who cycles once or twice a week, covering distances of about 35-45 km with slopes of about 1,000 meters. This tour is tailored for trained people, mountain bike enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor excursions.

Additionally, TWB provides participants with everything they need to explore Italy’s most renown wine growing region including all equipment, expert guides, oenologist guided wine tasting, meals provided byregional partners, varied itineraries catered to both conditioning level and interests of the participants, round-trip pick-up service, optional lodging, technical support and emergency recovery service, and insurance. For more information, visit the Tuscany Wine and Bike website. To keep up with the latest TWB activities and special offerings, register for their newsletter, join TWB on Facebook, and follow TWB onTwitterEmail TWB or call (+39)333 9206700.


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By Dinamo Cms